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The Value of Growing Leaders

People ask me what Igrowing people do for a living.  My response is simple. “I grow leaders.”
“How do you effectively grow leaders?” is one of the typical questions.
By focusing on developing relationships and managing change.  Two of the key fundamental skills leaders need to be able cultivate and utilize well.
In my last blog we talked about managing change and how to get people through change.  Dealing successfully with change is a very key component of being a leader. But guess what? If you don’t manage relationships first and foremost, the managing change portion will be a nightmare.  Effective communication is key to getting people to move through change successfully. If you aren’t managing relationships properly people are not going to pay attention to the communication you are trying to deliver. And if people aren’t listening, your change initiative is not going anywhere whether it is a key survival initiative or strategic marketing initiative.
Growing successful leaders can lead to some significant outcomes in helping to strengthen and grow your business.
•    They connect with others more effectively
•    Build stronger teams
•    Become more productive
When you have leaders who grow and become empowered they become competent in meeting your goals and deadlines.  Communication becomes a powerful asset and synergy drives the outcomes you are trying to reach.
Guess what? You customers realize when you are growing your leaders. This has a huge impact on your business because when you lead you sell!
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