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Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators

TAHS3 linkedin 111213EI had the opportunity to speak to over 350 police negotiators yesterday at the Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators 20th anniversary conference. My topic was Control Chemical Brain Freeze, how to stay in the game during difficulty and stress. What a great group, which was very receptive to receiving the message on leadership and teamwork. These hostage negotiators receive quite a bit of training and yesterday I helped them understand the why behind some of the police training they receive. What I realized after working with this group, is that for the hostage team it isn’t always the hostage taker that creates all the stress and pressure, but it is working within the team and how they handle the pressure from outside sources like, administration, other teams and the media. To do their jobs well, they all have to stay calm under pressure and communicate consistently and effectively. They are a very effective and hard working group who don’t always get all the credit they deserve. I was honored to speak and work with them yesterday. They are a very valuable resource to our communities.

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