Here’s the bottom line. People don’t leave companies
or businesses, people leave people. dot-bottom

Chuck Inman developed Crystal Clear Motivation in 2008, and has been working with professionals and business owners to help them manage some of the key challenges into today’s business world.

nimble, How to Lead Above the Turmoil of Change.Nimble is a five-step program designed to help businesses expand and grow in today’s market place. The program is designed so businesses understand and develop a plan to get through the turbulent times of the economic state we see today.

Developing and strengthening relationships is one of the key items when growing and expanding your business. Whether it’s an employee who leaves the organization or a customer who doesn’t come back to your place of business, it usually boils down to one key important item. There wasn’t an adequate connection.

Another key challenge the Nimble program looks at is managing change. When you look at the statistics regarding change it is fascinating to note that roughly 70% of change initiatives wind up as failures. If change is so important for an organization why is there such a high mortality rate with these change initiatives?

As your business grows the Nimble program will assist in building the following:

  • Relationship development to support stronger teams
  • Team members nurture persuasive communication strategies
  • As change intensifies, performance improves
  • Connection with others becomes more effective
  • Employees become more focused and productive.

To grow and expand your business in today’s fast moving economy, contact the person with the expertise to teach you and your team how to stay nimble in this complex landscape. Chuck Inman.

The Nimble book is not overly technical, it is concise
yet rich, relevant, very practical, conveying a crisp, clear message to take home, think about it and apply it in real life. The immediate applicability makes it invaluable; the manager’s “cheat sheet” makes it a must to keep within easy reach at all times. dot-bottom

Carmen Bilcea, M.D., MBA