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Exceptional Leader traits

In the last couple of blogGenuines we have been talking about the three traits of exceptional leaders.  The final trait to finish out this series is the often-used term “Genuine”.
We have an understanding of genuine as being something that is real and not false. In regards to products, you see examples of genuine used in situations such as: “With counterfeit software being prevalent in the marketplace, buyers often presume they have the genuine article.”  It defines things as being true and authentic, like “genuine leather”.
When discussing leadership, being genuine has to do with being sincere and up front with issues. I personally like the description of being free from hypocrisy or dishonesty and being sincere. Genuine things are true such as a leader being true to their word.  We talked about being transparent as having no hidden agendas and authentic as lining up your actions with your intentions for the best impact.  When you piece together the traits of being authentic and transparent the sum of the characteristics is the description of genuine to describe the exceptional leader.
When you look at the traits people use to describe you, have you heard the use of the words transparent, authentic and genuine?  If you have heard these comments continue to grow and lead. If you haven’t heard them, maybe its time for a leadership checkup to get a feel for what may be missing or not coming across to the people you lead.

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Authentic Leadership

Authenticity seal

Being authentic is one of the traits used to describe someone who is considered an exceptional leader.  In the last Nimble blog we talked about transparency and what it takes for a leader to be transparent.  It is the consistency of your actions lining up with your intentions that provides the impact you want to have as a leader.  If you really focus on being consistent with your actions then the impact you have on people will be positive.  With positive impact comes trust.  When people can count on you to be consistent with your actions and decisions through daily interaction and during difficult times you develop the qualities of authentic leadership.  It is not easy by any means.  Some of the decisions we have to make are extremely tough and not everyone agrees with the decisions we make.  But if we are transparent, consistent with our actions and concentrate on the goals that need to be accomplished, authenticity will become part of the language used to describe you as a leader. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be awarded a seal of authenticity for your leadership so people would know the type of leader you are?  Leadership and building trust isn’t quite that easy.  However, if you are consistent with your actions and decisions and have a positive impact, you build trust so you won’t need a seal.  People will be able to determine on their own, you are authentic.
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