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Take Time to Unwind and connect

I received an e-mail from a good frienLLAO LLAOd I had not heard from in quite some time.  It was so much fun to catch up with him. We traded several e-mails and shared some memories.  I had traveled quite extensively with Joe.  We went on a five city tour of Australia, spent a week in Rome, Cancun, Puerto Rico and more. One of the fondest memories I had working with Joe was when we traveled to the western part of Argentina.  We went to San Juan de Bariloche in the Patagonia area to a resort hotel called LLAO LLAO.  It was for a medical meeting where we brought in about 18 of the top ENT surgeons from around the world.  One afternoon we had a chance to go fly-fishing.  Joe had never been fly-fishing before and we had a great time floating down the river fishing. Joe wound up catching the biggest fish of the day and received the top prize.  When we were done fishing, we sat down in the shallow ripples of the river in our waders and shared a cold beverage and took in the scenic wonder and beauty.
Joe said,” I don’t take enough time to unwind like this. I can’t believe I have to come half way around the world to enjoy some peace and tranquility like this and really connect with people.”
In my e-mail to him this week, I reminded him of our conversation in the river and asked him, “Have you had a chance to unwind the last several years?”
Our lives go by so fast and furious.  We get pulled in so many different directions.  Sometimes we just forget to unwind.  So take some time, unwind and enjoy the beauty and people around you.  It is worth every moment you spend taking it all in.
Thanks for coming along.