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Nimble – How to Stay Above the Turmoil of Change

Nimble book cover pictureFor years in the corporate world I watched change initiatives come and go from product launches and product recalls, to mergers and acquisitions. Some changes were effective and quickly implemented. Other changes never even got out of the starting blocks before they were shut down due to a false start.

When you look at the statistics regarding change, it is fascinating to note that roughly 70% of change initiatives wind up as failures. If change is so important for an organization why is there such a high mortality rate with these change initiatives?

Change initiatives contain different energy levels depending on their size and scope. This energy status can quickly turn into turmoil that is indiscriminate and affects people in a variety of ways. This vortex of negative energy can throw almost anyone off balance and create a state of confusion. You can’t predict the direction nor the intensity of turmoil that can spin at its own speed, direction and breadth. What should be simple objectives and tasks for accomplishing a change initiative turns into a futile exercise of bogging people down, with excuses becoming the number one reason change initiatives go off track.

My objective is to:

  • Help you understand the importance of knowing what you are trying to change
  • Provide you a simple but effective model of the change process
  • Walk you through five steps to keep you above the fray of change — in short, how to stay Nimble!

With each of these steps, there will be one or two Enrichment practices. If you follow them carefully, they will allow you to move nimbly through the change process. These Enrichment practices will help build momentum and this momentum will keep you from being sucked into the turmoil and vortex of change. We know that it isn’t a question of “if” change is coming, but rather “when” change will be coming.

Check out the book Nimble, it’s a pretty darn good read.

Thanks for coming along!