• Chemical Brain Freeze

Chemical Brain Freeze

My houseSlurpee sits at the back end of two and half acres. The driveway coming up to the house actually has two bends in it. In all, it is 338 steps from my mailbox to my front door. Un-announced guests are a rarity.
I hear a knock at the front door and when I open it, there is a teenage boy who seems under a little bit of duress.
“Mr. Inman?” he asks, visibly shaking and his voice breaking.
“Yes, can I help you?” I respond, thinking he looks like the teenager across the street.
“My dad told me to come tell you the hay delivery person cut the corner too tight and he knocked over your stone mailbox.”
“Oh, is that right? And who may you be?” I query. I think I know who he is but I haven’t seen him in a couple of months and he has gone through a growth spurt.
“Do you know Guy and Kathy across the street?” he asks.
“Oh, I sure do.”
“Well, I’m their mother.” He responds.
I just about wet my pants.

How often do we get into stressful situations and we just lose it? This is when our protective brain takes over and we are helpless. We have what I call a “chemical brain freeze.” We all know what a Slurpee brain feels like. We are going to explore what happens when you get a chemical brain freeze due to difficulty and stress. It will render you just as useless as a Slurpee brain freeze but instead of lasting 20 seconds it can last for up to 20 minutes and sometimes you can’t even tell you are having one. You just don’t make any sense for that time period.
I have been working on a new book “Chemical Brain Freeze”-How to Stay in the Game during Difficulty and Stress. I will share stories and accounts with you as we move into this very interesting area of thought.
You will also get a chance to learn about my other book coming out soon, “Nimble-How to Lead Above the Turmoil of Change.” Nimble is a business book written to help start, grow or strengthen your business.
Thanks for coming along.